Write About It!

writeI suspect that my approach to blogging is about as unorthodox as you can get. I’m not looking for an audience (but obviously not trying to avoid one either.) I’m working with the idea in mind that if you want to develop a laser-like focus on something, write about it! And, if you want to hold yourself to a greater degree of accountability, and in turn provide a greater opportunity for success, don’t keep it a secret!

It doesn’t hurt that I like to write and that I like to reflect upon things. It also doesn’t hurt that I like technology, and the artistic and creative elements that are inherent in maintaining a blog. But, at the forefront is a much greater purpose – deciding what’s important to me, putting a plan in place, and finding success every step of the way!

Fitness is just one of several things that I focus on throughout the year, and it’s far from being the most important thing on my list of priorities. However, it’s also one of the things that comes least naturally to me and, as a result, requires a lot more focus if I am to achieve success on an ongoing basis. As I’ve said before, there are simply too many other things screaming for our attention on a daily basis.

What’s in your plan?ūüėČ

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Jumping To Conclusions…

jtcSome years ago, I was enjoying the post-race festivities of a marathon/half marathon and struck up a conversation with another runner. I had noticed that he was wearing a very expensive model of the Garmin family of running watches.

He mentioned that the watch was brand new and that this was his first Marathon. In fact, he went on to say that this was the first race he had ever run of any kind!

I immediately jumped to conclusions.¬† I was thinking that this is probably one of those guys who wanted to go out and complete his first and only marathon and had to buy the fancy runner’s watch to enhance and complete the running experience. I concluded that his priorities were way out of wack.

I wondered if he completed the 26.2 miles in less than the six hours it usually takes for someone who performs minimum training and barely makes is across the finish line. However, the rest of his story was far from anything I ever expected!

You see, his goal was to train for, and run, a marathon with a competitive time that would qualify him to run the Boston marathon. And, he had indeed achieved a qualifying time. That means he ran his first race faster than I could ever dream of running! He also mentioned that after he runs Boston he will hang up running and move on to something else. What?!!!!

I came away from that experience realizing how easy it is to fall into the trap of viewing the goals and priorities of others through the filter of our own goals and priorities.¬† I’ve had to learn that same lesson over and over again in my marriage, in raising kids, in my job, and in all of the other arenas of life.

In fact, it reminds me of a story that I once heard and that really provided a clear image to me of the problem with viewing the actions of others through my own filter:

Two women wanted to get together more often for fellowship and conversation. To make their time together a bit more productive, they decided to meet at the fitness club and hold their chats over a game of racquetball. During one of their games, this guy who had been watching them stuck his head in the room and yelled, “You ladies could become much better players if you would quit all of that talking!”

Happy running my friends!:)

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Running With Family…

cropped-family1a.jpgI’ve had the pleasure of running different half marathons with my son, daughter, son-in-law (15k), and finally a Rock and Roll half with both my daughter and son-in-law. The many wonderful and amazing memories stored up from those experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life!

Just over two years ago, Patty and I moved from Atlanta down to Pensacola, Florida and with the move decided to give up our respective running routines (her on the treadmill and me out on the street) and begin walking together. For the past two years that’s what we’ve done – admittedly without a lot of consistency.

But we’ve both got a new spring in our step since we decided to get back to our running. In the weeks to come, I’ll be doing a morning run each day to work back up to a comfortable 5k distance and pace.¬† Patty wants to ease back in a bit slower since she’s never run farther than 2 miles, so in the evenings Patty and I are doing run/walks (swapping back and forth between walking and running every 2/10ths of a mile.) We’re doing two miles (which nets out to 1 mile walked and 1 mile run) to help get her trained where she can also run a 5k comfortably.

I must admit that after running so many of the races up in north Georgia and the surrounding areas, I’m really looking forward to discovering the many new races that I’ve never run before down here in the Florida panhandle.

Happy running everyone!

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Running – Part Deux!

runAs you can tell from the dates on my blog entries, I ran my last race (and posted my last blog post) about two years ago. At that time I was only a few months from turning 60 and made a conscious decision to discontinue running in favor of walking with my wife.¬† As I prepared to turn 60, and with 20 years of consistent running, 30 distance races, and countless 5k’s and 10k’s behind me, it just seemed like it was time and the right thing to do.

Well, for the past two years I’ve been second guessing that decision and today I decided to do something about it. I went out for a one mile run and made a radical decision to get back to running. As I’ve said in previous posts, there are just too many benefits, mental and physical, that come with running!

Over the years, I developed a great passion for running and it took no time at all today for that love to reappear – even if just for a short run. It was an old and new feeling – all at the same time!

As before, my focus will be health first, with stretch goals remaining firmly in second place.  It will take time to build back up to the levels of fitness that I have enjoyed in years past, but the body goes where the mind carries it and the mental part has always been a strong suit for me.

Once again I’ll be running races, training, logging my results, and keeping a blog.¬† Blogging scratches a lot of itches for me in that it serves as a great tool for motivation, supports my artistic and creative interests, and allows me to dabble with technology and social media.

Happy running my friends!

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The GA Tech Pi Mile Race…


Being a real math geek (that means I love numbers and math – but not necessarily that I’m any good at it!) and with my passion for running I just had to run the 2014 Pi Mile (3.14 miles) race sponsored by GA Tech. It takes place on the GA Tech campus and had a few more hills than I expected. Still, I managed to squeeze out an 8:59 pace today which was not bad considering the hills and the fact that I hadn’t done any speed training for such a short distance. It’s the fist race I’ve run in a very long time without my mp3 player but I figured that I would just enjoy the crowd since the race wasn’t very long. Kudos to the sponsors of the race – it’s a well organized race and I love the t-shirt!:-)

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Halk Marathon #30 – Savannah R&R…


I ran the Inaugural Savannah, Georgia Rock & Roll Half Marathon today. There were 23,000 runners with 16,000 running the half and another 7,000 running the full marathon.  This was my 30th distance race and one that I was not as well trained for as most other races I have run. In fact, it was the first half marathon where I went over 2 hours in as long as I can remember.  Still, it was a great race and I particularly enjoyed seeing several old friends from Savannah along the course.

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Running the Peachtree…

I’ve run the Peachtree Road race over a dozen times but, with my focus on half marathons, ¬†it’s been equally as many years since I’ve run it. It’s the world’s largest 10k, hosting 61,000 runners this year, and it’s a 4th of July tradition for many runners in Georgia.

This year over 70,000 runners applied to the Atlanta¬†Track Club¬†for one of the 60,000 race numbers. It’s rumored that the total available numbers was increased to 61,000 late in the game to help the race maintain bragging rights as the world’s largest 10k.

I didn’t register for the race this year, but I did put out a last-minute request on Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago to see if I could pick up a number from someone who was going to have to bow out. There’s¬†usually a¬†few who¬†put their race numbers up for sale at the last-minute¬†due to a change in plans.

There’s also more than a few (like me) who are usually¬†looking for a race number at the last-minute. Just go to Twitter and type in the hashtag #Peachtree and you’ll see what I mean. As it turns out, I actually bought mine yesterday at the shoe store and from¬†the guy who sold me a new pair of running shoes. It seems his wife had not been able to train as much as she wanted and was willing to let her number go.¬† Talk about a last-minute find!!!

I’m guessing I’ll be in one of the later waves (there are 25 waves) which means I could be crossing the starting line 90 minutes after the first runners crossed it and close to one hour after the winners crossed the finish line. Still, there will be the coveted t-shirt and plenty of refreshments awaiting me no matter when I finish. From there it will be a short walk back to the MARTA station and a short ride home to enjoy some good eats and an evening at the local fireworks show with my wife and our son – who decided to make the trip over from Alabama to join us for the festivities.

Happy 4th everyone!:-)

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