Can Geeks Be Runners?

Can geeks be runners? Sure they can, but I don’t tend to see that as a natural pairing. In fact, I tend to wonder just how common that duo might really be?

My geek attributes kicked in naturally at a very young age and with literally no effort at all on my part. I was probably building API’s for Tinker Toys and my Erector Set before I learned how to read.

I also remember vividly, years later, when I got my first look at a microcomputer (far before they earned the name Personal Computer or PC) and it was love at first sight! Did I mention I often enjoy math puzzles and can still recite Pi to fifty decimal places? I suppose the ultimate proof my my geek DNA is that I’m even willing to share that last piece of information.

Some ten years or more later after buying that first microcomputer , taking up running was a very different story. There was nothing natural about it at all and there was a number of false starts before it finally grabbed hold of me. Even now, I still sign up for races to keep myself focused on training and, in turn, motivated toward good health. It’s just too easy to make excuses, get lazy, and fall off the wagon directly into the recliner.

I envy those runners who have a runner’s body type. This geek wasn’t born and blessed with that. My legs are disproportionately short to my overall body height and most of the good runners that I know have longer legs that seem to extend all the way up to their neck with no stomach in between! I can assure you it takes additional mental strength to make up for the physical limitation, but that also makes it all the sweeter when I pass one of those guys during a race.

On a side note, and a follow-up to a few of my recent posts, I managed to bring today’s two mile training run back up to my normal pace and with no ill effects on my calf muscle. Looks like things are getting back to normal and I’m even more excited now about next week’s 5k race at FSU.

Happy running my friends!


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