Never Stop

It’s easy to get caught up in the cares of the day and completely lose focus on what is important to us and what we want to accomplish. And so I decided to address that problem by inserting an intentional reminder into my daily plan.

I purchased one of those wrist bands that I have seen people wearing from time to time. It didn’t really matter what text appeared on the band, because the idea was more about its less than perfectly comfortable presence serving as a daily reminder (or perhaps interrupter?) Have I given thought as to how important today is and what I want to accomplish in it? And by the way, the moment that wrist band gets comfortable (and therefore becomes ineffective) is the moment it gets moved to the other wrist for a fresh and new start to its job.

The text on my wrist band says, NEVER STOP. That seemed like an appropriate reminder for all of the following reasons:


Listening to God’s daily whispers

Finding new ways to love and care for my beautiful soulmate

Giving my best to my job

Being thankful

Caring for, and about, others

Setting and pursuing important goals

Focusing on priorities

Taking care of the things with which I have been blessed

Pausing to reflect during a busy day

Remembering that each what in life usually has a more important who


Those are just a few of mine. What’s on your NEVER STOP list?


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